We are an Akita kennel located in the east of the Netherlands. We are registred by Raad van Beheer & FCI.

We would like to tell you more about this special Japanese breed. Are you looking for an Akita puppy and would you like to have more information, or do you just have a question? Than feel free to contact us. 

For now, thank you for your visit and we hope to see you soon!

The puppies are born; our Fumi' litter! 

We Our Fumi' Go litter is born in October 2019!

5 healthy red puppies, 3 females and 2 males

Ai' Roku Miyuki Of Chiyoko Kensha


Denka Go Di Bordakitainu Kensha

Click here to find out more about Miyuki, the mother, and the father of the little ones. Feel free contacting us if you are interested in future litters, from this litter all puppies are spoken for.

Titersession for our Chie' Go litter

On Saturday the 18th of  May we have organized a titersession for our Chie 'Go litter. They have passed the age of one year, so a good time to see if the "puppies" still have enough antibodies, in other words whether they are still protected.

We are happy with the results; the "puppies" still have enough antibodies for the next three years. This means that they don't need to be vaccinated against hepatitis, parvo and distemper!

One year birthday celebration walk

On Sunday the 28th of July we went on a 'one year birthday celebration walk' with our Dain' Go litter and their mother. Also a cousin of our Chie' Go litter was with us during the walk. 

A big thank you to everyone who was a part of this beautiful day! All the pictures from this event are publiced on our Facebook page.





29th of November, 2019

  AGENDA 2019  

Exposition Canine Toutes Races -

Lillers (FR)

4 augustus 2019

Fun-keuring NIPPON INU - Geldrop (NL)

22 september 2019

Kampioenschaps Clubmatch NIPPON INU - Geldrop (NL)

22 september 2019

Coursingdag NIPPON INU - Velp (NL)

28 september 2019

Kaguya; Dog of Honor 

in Italy

In June the owners of Kaguya (Dain 'Go Kichigo Of Chiyoko Kensha) got married in beautiful Italy (Negrar). Kaguya was also involved in the marriage. She had the task of Dog of Honor during this beautiful day!

Dear Luciano & Diane, congratulations on your marriage!

Emi' Kyū Hikari flies to Sweden

On Saturday the 2th of March we went by plane with Hikari to Gothenburg (Sweden). After 15 weeks of intensive care, socialization and love, this trip was very emotional for us. It was hard to say goodbye, but we know that Hikari has received a loving home.

Good luck, dear Hikari!