The begining

Of Chiyoko Kensha

In 2012 Akiko, our first Akita,  stole our hart and from that moment our love for the breed expanded more and more till it developed in the possibility of breeding. As an result our first female, Osaka was welcomed in 2013; an beautiful, loving female, the reason why founding Of Chiyoko Kensha and that time not knowing how much influence the breeding with have on our lives.

Of Chiyoko Kensha is developed into an hobby where we are gaining satisfaction and fun of. 

This ment we needed to make certain choices, that's why we moved in 2017 to our current farmhouse in Netterden so we could have more space for our Akita's, in 2017 Yoko joined our pack. D

Next to our the expansion we both started working parttime to gain more free time, time we love to spend on being with our dogs. 

The face

behind Of Chiyoko Kensha

We are Patty Beikes and Tim van de Water, living at an beautiful farmhouse in the Gelderse Achterhoek in an small village called Netterden.

In our daily live we work in the education and telecommunication, but in our spare time the biggest part of our time goes to our Akita's, the construction of our farmhouse and import-export of Hannoverian (sport horses from Germany).


''A thoughtful, opinionated, decisive doer with ambitious dreams.''



"A solution-oriented optimist with a realistic view.''




"Strive for progression,
not to perfection."


Since 14th of October 2013 


Since 2015 we have hat 5 litters with an total  of 26 puppies; 22 shortcoat Akita's en 4 longcoat Akita's. We have currently 3 Akita's en since 2012 participated to 40 dogshows, 20 outside the Netherlands and 20 in the Netherlands.

The vision

Of Chiyoko Kensha

To make the correct combination between male and female, we spend a lot of time and energy in gathering knowledge and know-how. This in combination with an far reaching passion for the breed and ambitious goals makes boundries and distance no longer an obstacle regarding our decisions to breed a certain male and female. The breeding of an combination is an result of an long periode of research and investigation in combination with love for the breed and our dogs, patience, effort, health and knowledge

The breed is unfortunately bond to an small genepool and regularly Akita's will be diagnosed with the auto-immuun diseases SA of VKH. That's why an sound preparatory phase is essential.

One of our many (ambitious)  goals regarding the breed are keeping the breed healthy, renewing and expanding the genepoolen.Next to this is an part of our vision recorded in an breedregulation standard bij de breeder-club and the breed standard.

Next to health research such as testing for HD, Patella and eyes, we are always busy with the research of previous generations of the future combinations, this to check in how far for example diseases such as SA en VKH have been revealed.

We are always working on making the best combination in health but also in body, build, movement and karakter. These are only a few examples of the research before we decide to to an certain combination in breeding.

It is an fact that responsible breeding is an dificult puzzle, it is for us as an breeder important to first solve the puzzle before the dicision will be made to breed the combination.